The Best Weight Loss Programs In 2021

Losing weight not just brings about physical transformation in a person but also modifies their entire personality. It kick starts their journey on the road to health and boosts self esteem. Do you also want to jump on the train but don’t know how? Starting a diet plan is not that tough anymore and with these 5 best weight loss plans you won’t have to ever think about what to buy at the grocery store.




Loved by millions of people around the world, Nutrisystem offers a diet plan with a meal delivery option. Instead of worrying about what you should eat, you get frozen meals delivered that help you stick to the plan. With the included snacks, you don’t need to guess what to eat in between your meals either. With plans designed for both men and women, Nutrisystem can help you reach your goal weight and stick to a diet for those who don’t eat meat or are diabetic. You can get meal replacements and snacks too.

Nutrisystem– Loved by millions of people around the world, Nutrisystem offers a diet plan with a meal delivery option.

  • Delivers food to your door based on your plan
  • Includes options for vegetarians and other types of dieters
  • Sends both full meals and snacks that help with your goals
  • Teaches you how to replace your favorite foods with better choices
  • Offers choices for those who love desserts and sweet snacks

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Noom is a new diet program that helps you lose weight through a survey and an app. The survey asks multiple questions to determine what you want and need. With the app, you receive weekly challenges that you can complete. This also lets you track the calories that you consume to help you reach your goal weight. With Noom, your gender, location and lifestyle can all determine what you need to do to lose weight.

Noom – Diet program that helps you lose weight through a survey and an app.

  • Offers 14 days for free
  • Sets goal to lose up to two pounds each week
  • Includes a tracking app with weekly goals and challenges
  • Free Trial With Signup
  • Uses an extensive survey to identify your needs and goals
  • Teaches you how to make healthy decisions at home



DietToGo is a newer diet program that has kitchens in major cities such as Philadelphia and New York City. If you live near one of those locations, you can pick up your meals every day and avoid the delivery fee. The four plans that are now available include keto and vegetarian options as well as a balanced diet and one designed for diabetics. You can tell the company that you don’t eat seafood or that you have food allergies and let it customize your meals.

DietToGo – Offers four monthly plan types, including keto and vegetarian.

  • Fully prepared meals company with free health coaching
  • Offers four monthly plan types, including keto and vegetarian
  • Most meals use organic ingredients from local farmers and suppliers
  • Sets goal to limit daily intake to between 1,200 and 1,600 calories
  • Now offers gluten-free meal options for customers



The South Beach Diet is one you probably heard about before because famous faces used this program to lose weight. You can pick from different four-week plans that let you follow a keto diet and eat fewer carbs and sugars every day. Each of the three major plans come with food delivered to your home. You can opt for a one-week reboot to get in shape quickly or choose the plan specifically designed for diabetics that helps you manage your condition.

South Beach Diet – Comes with four-week plans including keto diet and plans specifically designed for diabetics.

  • Uses three phases with different food available in each one
  • Teaches you how to make healthy choices when you leave
  • Increases your metabolism to help you burn more calories daily
  • Offers options for diabetics and others in a four-week format
  • Helps you follow a keto diet designed by a licensed doctor



Medifast launched in 1980 after a doctor came up with a plan for obese patients and those who were diabetic or on the brink of developing diabetes. It includes full meals that you can make at home or work with the addition of water and replacements that take the place of those meals. With chocolaty bars that taste like candy bars, smoothies, shakes and other snacks, you can get the calories that you need when you’re on the go without sitting down to eat.

Medifast – Specifically designed by a doctor for diabetics and obese people.

  • Specifically designed by a doctor for diabetics and obese people
  • Offers two program types with more or less flexibility
  • Gives you meals that you can quickly make with some water
  • Replaces some meals with snacks, smoothies, bars and shakes
  • Sets goal to cut calorie consumption to 1,000 or less per day

Nutrisystem Diet User Review

I have been pleasantly surprised by the success that I have had with the Nutrisystem diet. I began in January of this year and am down now almost 65lbs. The plan is easy to follow and the counseling is good. I would give it a better rating if they had more seafood dishes.

- Ellen | 2020-08-16

Nutrisystem Diet User Review

I am so excited I've been on the diet for 4 months now and I am down over 28lbs. I feel so fortunate to find a diet that works for me. Thank You Nutrisystem

- William | 2020-11-10

Noom Diet User Review

I have struggled with managing my weight since finishing college four years ago. I find that the Noom people really get it and consider dieting more than just selecting the right food to eat. I especially like there well informed and educated counselors and the advice they have given me to date.

- Kevin P. | 2020-09-05

Diettogo Diet User Review

I have had moderate success over the years starving myself to lose a little weight but I really wanted to meet my goal of losing 75lbs. I am now 3 months in and feel that I am on the right track. The reason I like Diettogo diet is that they educate me on the proper way to eat a lower calorie diet and still feel reasonably full

- Paula | 2020-07-24

South Beach Diet User Review

I found this diet easy to use and was happy with the results that I have had.

- David | 2017-12-09

Nutrisystem Diet User Review

Overall, my experiences have been good ... so far. Hopefully, that will continue. I'm cautiously optimistic. Often, it is challenging to contact support when needed ... although I understand these are challenging times.

- Louis| 2017-12-09

Nutrisystem Diet User Review

Nutrisystem food is very tasty and easy to prepare. It's delivered to my door, which is also great. However, I have been on the program for two and a half months and have only lost 5.6 lbs., even though I follow the program and the suggestion of a counselor. I would recommend Nutrisystem to a friend simply because of the food.

- Mary | 2017-12-09

Noom Diet User Review

The shipments have all arrived in a timely manner. The selection of foods for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner have been excellent and easy to prepare. I always seem to have plenty to eat and never feel I am on a "diet" but just eating more sensibly. The secret is portion size and getting the right mix of healthy foods and veggies.

- Michael| 2017-12-09

Why Do You Need A Weight Loss Plan?

A weight loss plan will help you in ways you didn’t know were possible. You can choose a plan that sends healthy alternatives to your favorite snack or a plan that includes a mobile app to track the calories you are consuming while setting goals that you can beat every week.

How To Choose Your Weight Loss Plan?

Cost plays an important role in deciding the right weight loss plan but instead of focusing on the cost per month, you need to factor in the cost of each meal. You should consider the cost of the ingredients and the prep time you’ll need to cook it. Another thing to consider is the type of plan that works with your lifestyle. For example with a busy schedule you may prefer a plan with more snack options that you can eat on the way.